One of us will come out to meet you and your dog. This is our get acquainted visit. Starting on the second visit we’ll take your dog out to romp and play for a full hour. For your dog’s safety, he or she will stay on leash until you give permission for freer play, and we feel confident that your dog will follow along on the trails with the dog walker.

We’ll need some basic info about you and your pet, including some veterinary information. For the health and safety of all our canine customers we want to be sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations. (If you’re not sure, we can help arrange for quick and low-cost vaccinations. Just ask.)

Price: $22 per outing — each outing includes pick-up, an hour or more of walking, exercise, and play, and drop-off. If you have a second dog, he or she comes along for half price.

We provide Doggie "Play Care" — with lots of exercise, extended outings in the country, people-led play times, and plenty of tender loving care. Your dog will have a social and active day, and come home happy, tired, & relaxed.

At many doggie day care locations the dogs just mill about indoors waiting for the time to pass. And often a short trip outside to go to the bathroom is called exercise.

Treat your dog to active and fun play-care instead. No milling about. No cages. No crates. No bullies. Just a nice playful time.

Half-day play-care includes one walk in the country & two hours of outdoor play and socialization at the Newton play-care center. (Moved indoors in really bad weather)

Price: $28. A second dog comes along for half price.

Full-day play-care includes a morning walk in the country, 2 hours of outdoor play and socialization at the Newton play-care center, a mid-day snack, a half hour nap, and then back out for an afternoon romp in the country

Price: $35. A second dog comes along for half price. Pick up and drop off are included in the price.

While you're away your dog will come out on the country outings and spend time with friendly canine and human companions at our Doggie Play-Care center. After a full day of exercise and play, your pooch can either return home to spend the night at your house; or he or she can stay overnight with us. You choose which would be better for your dog. If he or she stays at home there will be a quick 10pm visit for an end of the day bathroom walk.

Price: $50 / day

Fully bonded and insured. A second dog is half the price!


Our dog-walker and dog chauffer


Our all-around helper


Our play-care mom